Transcript Requests

An Official Transcript is a certified record of the academic work completed at Mercy College. It includes classes taken, hours earned, grades received and degrees conferred.

The Office of the Registrar will send or issue an official transcript when students or former students make a formal request by mail, fax or in person to the Registrar's Office. Transcript request forms can be downloaded at the right or picked up at the Student Services Office at Mercy Court.

Transcripts are sent within two full working days after the receipt of the request, except during peak periods. During peak periods, transcript requests are processed in the order they are received.

Transcripts are free to currently enrolled students. Transcripts for students not currently enrolled at Mercy College are charged a fee for each requested transcript (see Tuition and Fees for current rates). Transcripts will not be released if the student's account status is on hold.

How to Order Official Transcripts

  1. By Mail. Requests should be sent to: Office of the Registrar, Attn: Transcripts, 928 6th Avenue, Suite A, Des Moines, Iowa 50309-1239.
  2. By Fax. Requests may be faxed to (515) 643-6702 along with appropriate credit card information to cover payment, where required. Transcripts will not be released until payment has been received.
  3. In Person. Request forms and payment may be dropped off at the Student Services Department Offices located at Mercy Court.

For information about having transcripts sent to Mercy College of Health Sciences from other institutions, review the Admission Process for Transfer Students.