Liberal Arts and Sciences Faculty

Victor Babich
Assistant Professor
Email or (515) 643-6709; Office Location: B2-156

Bo Bonner, MDiv
Assistant Professor
Email or (515) 643-6736; Office Location: BH-124

Susan L. Brown, PhD, NRP, CHES
Associate Professor
Email or (515) 643-6638; Office Location: B2-153

Jenna Davidson
Assistant Professor
Email or (515) 643-6624; Office Location: B2-156

Marti Doyle, PhD, MSW
Email or (515) 643-6774; Office Location: B2-152

Amy MacKrell, PhD
Associate Professor
Email or (515) 643-6795; Office Location: B2-153

Joe Moravec, DMin
Email or (515) 643-6643; Office Location: B2-156

Truc Nguyen, PhD
Email or (515) 643-6777; Office Location: B2-151

Darrin Rasberry
Assistant Professor
Email or (515) 643-6654; Office Location: B2-155

Margaret Scholbrock, MS 
Assistant Professor/Chemical Hygiene Officer
Email or (515) 643-6750; Office Location: B2-157

Joelle Stolte, PhD (abd), MPH, MLT (ASCP)
Program Chair - Public Health
Email or (515) 643-6619; Office Location: B2-159


Adjunct Faculty* - Liberal Arts and Sciences

Steven Hart, PhD
Adjunct Faculty

Ryan Marr, PhD, MDiv
Adjunct Faculty

Julie Weldon, RN, MSN
Adjunct Faculty
Email or (515) 643-5321
*This is not a complete list of Adjunct Faculty.