Administrative Directory

The following individuals are administrative contacts at Mercy College.

President's Council

Karen Anderson, PhD*
Vice President of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs
Email or (515) 643-6791; Office Location: CH-145

Bo Bonner, MDiv.
Director of Campus Ministry
Email or (515) 643-6736; Office Location: BH-016

Joe Brookover
Director of Financial Aid
Email or (515) 643-6611; Office Location: CH-153

Barbara Q. Decker, JD*
Email or (515) 643-6600; Office Location: B1-116

Jane DeGooyer, EdD, MSN, RN-BC
Diploma Class of 1981
Associate Dean of the School of Nursing, Clinical Studies

Email or (515) 643-6737; Office Location: B1-209

Anne Dennis, PHR, SHRM-CP
Human Resources Business Partner
Email or (515) 643-6640; Office Location: B1-113

Dewitt Jones, EdD*
Interim Provost, Vice President of Academic Affairs
Email or (515) 643-6717; Office Location: B1-112

Nancy Kertz, PhD, APRN
Dean of the School of Nursing
Email or (515) 643-6615; Office Location: B1-117

Thomas Leahy, JD*
Vice President of Business and Regulatory Affairs
Email or (515) 643-6621; Office Location: B1-115

Robert J. Loch, PhD, MBA, CNMT
Dean of the School of Allied Health
Email or (515) 643-6679; Office Location: B1-121

Jeannine Matz, PhD
Dean of the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences; 
Health Science Program Chair

Email or (515) 643-6703; Office Location: CH-208

Joan McCleish, RN, PhD 
Class of 1980
Associate Dean of Graduate Nursing Studies
Email or (515) 643-6625; Office Location: B1-211

Jeanette McGreevy, PhD 
Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness
Email or (515) 643-6717; Office Location: B1-213

Eric Merten, PhD
Director of Admissions
Email or (515) 643-6604; Office Location: CH-148

Lyneene Richardson
Director of Student Success
Email or (515) 643-6659; Office Location: CH-181

Matt Romkey*
Vice President of Development and Marketing Communications
Email or (515) 643-6663; Office Location: B1-119

Mary Schemmel, EdD, MSN, RN Class of 1976
Associate Dean of the School of Nursing
Email or (515) 643-6731; Office Location: B1-216

Jim Tagye
Director of Marketing Communications
Email or (515) 643-6678; Office Location: B1-105

David von Arb
Director of Information Technology
Email or (515) 643-6708; Office Location: B1-224

*Member of President's Cabinet